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Particle Simulator Research Team(AICS)/CPS Joint Seminar

category : Seminar 2013年11月12日 
  • Date: 18 Nov 2013
  • Time: 16:00
  • Place: CPS, Kobe
  • Organized: Particle Simulator Research Team, RIKEN-AICS
    Co-Organized: CPS, Kobe University,  FS Program, TiTech
    • kuirc

The talk is scheduled at 16:00 at CPS seminar room, as the AICS/CPS joint seminar.

Speaker: Jürg Diemand

SNF Professor, Computational Science / Theoretical Physics
University of Zürich

Title: Billion particle simulations of dark matter halos and phase transitions

“Modern supercomputers together with sophisticated algorithms are able to calculate the motions of billions of particles for millions of time-steps. This capability allows to address a wide range of problems in very different fields. I will present our recent numerical simulations in two of these areas: First, I’ll review cosmological N-body simulations. They are able to make detailed, accurate predictions on the formation and evolution of dark matter structures, with a special focus on small scale structure in the Galactic dark matter halo. In the second part, I’ll present our billion particle molecular dynamics simulations of the vapor-to-liquid phase transition. These are the first direct simulations of phase transitions under conditions which are also accessible to laboratory experiments.”


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